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Bang Namkem Resort,
Bang Namkem Resort,


Bang Namkem Resort

Koh Phangan
Ban Tai
(beach front)
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Motorbikes have become the principal method of transportation on the island, rental fees are low and there are a wide selection of bikes available, ask at Bang Namkem Resort for the best deals.We are done from concrete and toilet.

The rooms at Bang Namkem Resort are roomy, well maintained and neat and all have western style bathrooms.

Bang Namkem Resort was build directly at the beach, at this spot visitors can experience a fantastic sunset. The resort is just minutes from the nearest largervillage.

The bungalows at Bang Namkem Resort have western style bathrooms with cold water , some types of bungalows come with warm running water, Air conditioning, cable TV and a mini-bar.

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The famous FullMoon Party is most important of the main happenings around Koh Phangan. In average 8.000 visitors visiting to the island every month to enjoy the famous Fullmoon. Ko Phangan has unnumbered beautiful remote beachesand waterfalls, a few of them are only accessible by a treck through jungle paths or by hiring a taxi boat. It is rare how can quiet and frenzy can blend so amazing on Koh Phangan. On one side, you can find the parties attracting young people with all different kinds of music, dancing and a relaxed atmosphere. A lot quite popular resorts, for example Sunset Coveare often completely booked during Christmas and new year. Probably a valuable tip is to reserve your bungalowsin advance. Ko Phangan used to be the hippy heaven, nowadays a 'wider range' of people come to the island here.Everybody want to find a relaxed and easy going place. Most people like to search the World Wide Web in order to get information about the island and local accommodation. A interesting site to get information on the island, is For those of the travelers who find ko Samuimuch too expensive or too commercial with tourist, Kohpangancan be the a better island to experience a relaxed time in the Kingdom of Thailand. You can find the island near the middle of the SamuiArchipelago, Kohphanganis ideally located near most popular locations like Ang Thong National Marine Park and Koh Nangyuan. The easy to reach Ang Thong archipelago is composed of over fourty small islands, endowed with pristine beachesand are surrounded by tranquil water. Koh Panghanis a place of impressive beauty and charm, an island, where visitors can have a holiday away from stress, kicked back and relaxed or active and fast paced. Specially for yoga minded tourists there are some alternative places like the Sanctuary and Ananda, both offering to their guests and colonic fasting. When the Fullmoon Party has ended and the next day begins in Had Rin you'll be astounded to notice how very much more the island has to offer. The climatein Thailandis exceedingly tropical, hot and wet. Most of the time weathercondition are caused by monsoons that create three different seasons in southern Siam and 2 contrastive seasons in southerly part of the Kingdom of Thailand. Monsoon in the southern areas approx May to Oct comes with lot of rain and the sky is cloud covered, whereas in the north-east monsoon around November to Mar is bone-dry and relatively colder. Phangan was before a backpackersdestination, today a much more mixed range of guests visits the island. One thing many of visitors have in common, visitors want to look out for a nice and interesting place. One exemption could be the Fullmoon party when the place changes into a dancefloor. Simmilar to it's neighbour island Koh Tao, Koh Phangan was a while ago at first discovered by tourists searching a sanctuary from the overcrowded island of Koh Samuiand today, Phangan offers a large array of things to do, parties, bungalow resortsand spas. Koh Phangan is fullwith stunning secluded bays and hard to find natural beauty, the Koh Phangan attracts visitors from all countries.